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Case study #1

We were asked to design and manufacture two state of the art metal detection systems for a customer who demands the very best in inspection equipment with unprecedented detection capability.

These metal detectors needed to handle:

75m/m - 100m/m line speeds

to handle line speeds of 75 m/m but capable of up to 110m/m.

small to large products with differing pitches

The products were variable from small to large (In batches) with differing pitches between products.

automatic adjustment speeds

to match the production line speeds.

The nitty gritty.

To handle the rejection of differing size products and varying pitches, twin rejects of both reject pusher and air blast were incorporated into the design.

All the usual extras such as reject confirmation, reject rollers full, low air sensor and alarm were included.

The photo shows a front on view with the guarding removed for clarity.

The high sensitivity Stealth detectors detected contaminants less than half the size required by the customer and date/time stamped any changes to the systems, testing results and logged any fault conditions. This information downloaded by USB to create reports in various formats make the systems fully HACCP compliant.

The systems included multi coloured lamp stacks to identify system ready, detect and fault conditions and were integrated in to a cat4 safety stop circuit.

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